Virgo: Earth Sign of Holistic Integration

“Health is an announcement of agreement between your body, mind and spirit.”

                                                    – Neal Donald Walsch

Wednesday August 22nd the Sun will move out of the self-aware and dramatic fire sign of Leo and enter the modest and improving mutable earth sign of Virgo. Each succeeding sign of the zodiac builds upon the foundation laid by the previous sign by rectifying or redirecting its energy. Virgo asks us to shift our attention away from our individualized self and to be of service.

The negative polarity of Virgo gives her a receptive, internal nature. She is a humble, practical archetype, striving to serve through self-improvement, healing, and mentoring. The word “humble” comes from the Latin word for “ground” or “earth.” Virgo is the embodiment of humility, grounded in the material world, keenly aware of the physical needs of humanity, and our interdependence and interconnectedness with the earth’s ecology. Virgo “tends the seed” with dedication and dependability. She wants the earth and its inhabitants to function more efficiently and healthily. She mentors others by passing along her guidance, skills and practical wisdom.

The key phrase for Virgo is “I Analyze.” Virgo studies the objects of her attention carefully and precisely. Her focus is on the details, symbolized by the individual grains of wheat on a stalk. Virgo analyzes and categorizes in logical, methodical ways, assimilating essential facts.

Although Virgo appears to be concerned with the constituent parts and details of the whole, her goal is unification through refinement, realignment, and integration of the parts into wholeness. In this manner she represents the holistic healing disciplines. Her aim is the perfect integration of body, mind and spirit.

Virgo can efficiently divide a task into manageable parts. She is a careful planner, capable of integrating diverse aspects of her projects. She is discriminating and discerning, scientific, conscientious and thorough in her efforts to create order and perfection.

Virgo rules areas of our life which prepare us for being of service in the world, including our work related skills and habits. Virgo strives to improve and perfect herself so that she can serve in higher and better ways. She learns new skills and works diligently to perfect and apply them. Virgo rules people in the service industries, social services, law enforcement, and organized labor and unions.

Virgo also rules our physical well being and health-related habits such as diet and exercise. Virgo serves others with her healing skills, and is represented in the health profession by doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and holistic practitioners. Parts of the body ruled by Virgo are the organs of digestion and assimilation, including the intestines and gall bladder. With Mercury as her traditional ruling planet, Virgo also governs the nervous system.

The ecological sciences are ruled by Virgo. Through studying the components of ecosystems, the plants, animals and environments they are dependent upon, ecologists come to understand the interconnectedness and interdependency of the parts of the whole system. They analyze, categorize and explain energy flow, food webs, and relationships between species, populations and their physical environments. They provide understanding of the workings of the unified whole.

The domestic sciences are in Virgo’s domain. Housekeeping and household chores including cleaning, laundry, preserving and putting away food for the winter are Virgo activities. Virgo creates useful items through her crafts, sewing and weaving. She tends domestic animals and pets, and through animal husbandry produces food and useful products.

We cultivate our Virgo energy when we tend to our pets and domestic animals. By feeding, exercising and caring for their needs, we contribute to their health and well being. We learn the meaning of dedication and duty. We come to understand the importance of methodical, efficient habits and routines. Our animals become our teachers and healers in life.

Virgo archetypes are the Divine Feminine, the Earth Mother, Goddess of Fertility, and the Virgin. Isis and Mother Mary embody the energy and healing power of Virgo. Colors for Virgo are navy blue, gray and orange. Navy blue and gray are the colors of the uniforms worn by workers in the service industry. Orange is the color of the late summer harvest. Gems for Virgo are sapphires, agates and jasper.  Pansies and nut-bearing trees are Virgo plants.

“It’s important to know that words don’t move mountains. Work, exacting work moves mountains.”

                                                         – Danilo Dolci

Planetary Rulers of Virgo

In mythology Chiron the centaur, half man and half horse, was a great healer and teacher. He instructed the gods and humankind in the healing arts, ethics, archery and music. Struck by an arrow, Chiron received an injury that never healed. For this reason he is known as the “Wounded Healer.” Although Chiron could not heal his own wound, he became the Sacred Teacher, leading the way towards healing, wholeness and self-sufficiency by guiding, mentoring and instructing others.

Chiron in the astrological chart reveals our own unconscious sense of woundedness and devastation. We carry our personal Chiron wounds, the pain and hurt, from old experiences of rejection, abandonment, deprivation, abuse and loss. Although the Chiron wound is experienced personally, it is a universal aspect of being human.

Awareness of our Chiron wound sets us on a path of healing in order to become whole. We begin our healing journey by engaging our Virgo energy to seek relief: we discern the nature of our wound and take practical, methodical steps to resolve and heal our injuries. We transcend our pain and reconnect the fragmented parts of our self. In this way we transform our wound into our greatest asset. When we emulate the Sacred Healer we give the gift of healing and wholeness to others through our example.

 While the traditional ruler of Virgo is Mercury, many modern astrologers feel the more appropriate rulers are the asteroids. The asteroid belt lies mostly between Mars and Jupiter and consists of what some astronomers believe to be innumerable pieces of a planet which broke apart and fragmented. Symbolically these fragments represent the different parts of ourselves that have become disconnected, fractionated, compartmentalized, and wounded or hurt. Through Virgo, we recover and reclaim these parts, heal them, and become whole.

Ceres was the largest of the asteroids, before its reclassification and promotion to ‘dwarf planet’ in 2006. In Roman mythology Ceres is the goddess of the abundance of the land, agriculture, and the harvest. She is known as the Goddess of Grain. Her name in earlier Greek mythology is Demeter, which means “earth mother.”

In the astrological chart Ceres represents the need for nurturing as well as the capacity for nurturing others. Ceres shows what we need from ourselves and others to feel unconditional love. As a ruling planet of Virgo, Ceres governs mother-child relationships, attachment and dependency, mentoring and care-taking of all living things.

The asteroid Chiron was discovered in 1977 and later reclassified as a comet. Its orbit lies between the planets Saturn and Uranus. The time of its discovery coincides with the blossoming of the human potential movement, personal and global healing, and integrative and holistic sciences including ecology. Chiron is considered to be the most important modern ruler of the sign of Virgo.

“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.”
– Tori Amos


Celestial Events 

The Month Ahead

As the Sun moves into Virgo it opposes Neptune conjunct Chiron in Pisces, and squares the lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius, creating a Grand Mutable Cross. Our will and desire to improve ourselves and our physical conditions must be balanced and integrated with attention to our spiritual nature. We must heal ourselves and the world spiritually as well as materially. The lunar Nodes ask we let go of details and distractions and seek a higher, more encompassing vision. This Grand Mutable Cross challenges us and provides opportunities to create change in our lives and in the world.

The Sun in Virgo trines Pluto moving retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Probing the depths of our feelings and attachments to old structures and security will reveal areas we can actively work to change, heal and restore.

The Moon’s Nodes Change Sign

The Moon’s Nodes in the astrological chart are not planets or luminaries, but points in space that mark the intersection of the orbit of the Moon around the Earth with the ecliptic. Like the planets, the Moon’s North and South Nodes travel through the signs of the zodiac. It takes nearly 19 years for the Moon’s Nodes to travel through the entire zodiac, or a little over 1.5 years in each sign.

The Moon’s South Node represents our spiritual starting point in this life. It is an amalgamation of many incarnations and indicates overly developed ways of being. It contains unconscious patterns, behaviors, and attitudes that are very familiar and comfortable for us, that are easy for us to slip into. It is an area of life for us to revisit with conscious awareness so we can resolve problems and heal past experiences. The North Node represents the energy and area of life we need to explore for balance and growth, to stretch and embrace the new. It is our spiritual destination.

Since March 2011 the Moon’s South Node has been transiting the sign of Gemini, while the North Node has been in the opposite sign of Sagittarius. This has been a time for us to to let go of being distracted, scattered, unfocused and cynical so we can set our sights on our goals for the future. It has been an opportunity for us to get in touch with our inner Truth and develop a new, higher vision of life that connects us with the greater universe outside of our self.

On September 2nd the transiting South and North Nodes will leave these signs and enter Taurus and Scorpio, respectively. This new 1.5 year cycle will provide us with opportunities to heal and transform our attachments to the material world that have kept us stuck. It will be a time to do the deep, transfiguring and transformative work that will allow us to discover our inner strength and be reborn anew. It will also be a time for profound changes in the outer material world: in global monetary systems, traditional institutions that provided material and political stability, and the use of material resources on the planet.

New Moon in Virgo

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon conjoin overhead from our perspective on Earth. This represents the fusion of our outer consciousness and awareness, symbolized by the Sun, with our inner emotional and unconscious self, symbolized by the Moon. This is a fertile time for new beginnings, for sowing the seeds of your new projects and endeavors.

The next New Moon will be on Saturday September 15th at 7:10 p.m. (PDT) at 23 degrees Virgo. This New Moon will conjoin Mercury in Virgo, square Ceres in Gemini, and sextile the transiting North Node in Scorpio. The new beginnings we put into motion in the areas of work-related skills, personal health and improvement will be nurtured by organizing our thoughts and communicating in methodical, analytical, practical ways. This will be an exciting opportunity to take action to create profound change on deeper levels to be reborn anew.

The area of your astrological chart where 23 degrees Virgo falls represents the area of your life where you can consciously create new beginnings that are discriminating, logical and practical. In what ways can you improve your health? How can you bring order and efficiency into your life? What new practical work-related skills can you develop? Are you embracing your vocation, or call to service in life? What parts of you or your life need to be better integrated so you can feel whole? How can you connect to the sacred earth, nurture her and feel nurtured by her?

You may wish to set new goals or create Virgo affirmations on this New Moon. Examples are: “I take take practical steps to improve the health and well being of my body, mind and spirit.”  “I am nurtured by the earth and my material reality.” “I release the need for external perfection and embrace the Divine Order within.”  “I discern with intuitive wholeness.”

You will begin to see evidence of the seeds you sow on this New Moon as they come to fruition on the following Full Moon. The Harvest Full Moon in Aries on September 29th will reward you with freedom to be your more authentic self.

“Wisdom is experience digested.”


Astrological Services

“When we know and are aware of the planetary movements and conditions, and integrate them into our lifestyles, we can then be in alignment with the energies that they bring to support us.”

– Karen Bishop in Staying in Alignment

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