Lifestyle Changes offers STRICT CONFIDENTIAL substance abuse counseling by accredited counselors. The approaches to treatment are: one to one counseling sessions that last about one hour with the number of sessions per week determined by individual needs. The focus of treatment sessions are for clients to make cognitive behavioral changes by examining their core issues that surround addiction including: genetic, family, occupation, environmental, emotional, cultural, spiritual, and physical aspects of their life. Treatment includes jointly defining a treatment plan based on ASAM criteria to set therapeutic goals; these plans are reviewed on a regular basis. Twelve step programs are recommended when appropriate. Residential treatment is recommended when indicated by ASAM assessment. Integrated services are utilized to address co-occurring conditions.

Lifestyle Changes clients are people that value discrete counseling services. These clients include, but are not limited to business executives concerned about addiction interfering with company image; high profile people who recognize addiction is beginning to spiral them out of control; athletes that find themselves compromising their career because of substance abuse. Counselors consider the need of any person, and/or their family, friend, or significant other, needing substance abuse counseling based on need and ability to pay.


Lifestyle Changes is the only organization offering the HEALTHY HEALING ADDICTION TREATMENT PROGRAM. This one year intensive OUTPATIENT program offers an holistic approach for addressing addictions. PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, and SPIRITUAL dimensions are assessed and addressed. Teams of professional addiction and wellness practitioners are assembled to address INDIVIDUAL needs. The TEAM is responsible for guiding the client and family from abstinence, to recovery, into healing. Clients are taught strategies to live a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE.


Lifestyle Changes offers sessions to individuals and groups for understanding life transitions taking place at different stages of their lives. These changes can include (but not limited to) people experiencing: divorce, marriage, career changes, retirement, graduations, prison release, independence from parents, and developing clean and sober lifestyles.

During individual sessions, clients have the opportunity to discuss and understand the transition taking place, gain knowledge of skills to make their experience positive, and are introduced to community resources to utilize in their transition process. Counselor and client work as a team to assist the client in developing a ‘Plan B’, and meeting their new life goals.


Lifestyle Changes offers alcohol and drug evaluations based on ASAM Placement Criteria, motivational interviewing, Michigan Alcohol Screening Test, and Drug Abuse Screening Test. This service is recommended for use by human resources departments, public placement agencies, attorneys, physicians, dentists, employee assistant programs, and unions. The advantages of using this service is that it provides unbiased substance abuse assessments outside environmental supports; it uses common evidence-based clinical practice guidelines; uses validated screening tools; random urinalysis testing, and recommendations for treatment is based on need vs limitations imposed by treatment setting.


Lifestyle Changes counselors offer the following workshops and seminars:

‘Working With Criminal Manipulation’ a one day training seminar offered to agencies, organizations, and groups who work with the criminal offender population. Presented by Hugh McCauley, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

‘Moving-On” a healing series workshop designed for people at a stuck point in their lives. Topics include grief and loss, transitions, and creating a ‘Plan B’. Presented by MAx Fabry, BA, CADCII.

‘Migrations’ a motivating series designed to help adolescents move on with their lives. Participants learn to identify family values and norms, understand the loses they are experiencing in their life, and learn to set goals for the future. Presented by Lindsay McLeod, BA.

‘Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life’. This workshop is designed to help people in recovery identify, understand, and change the thinking errors that help keep them in their addiction. Presented by Dwight Lee, CADCII.


Lifestyle Changes offers individual therapeutic counseling for: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Problem Solving, and for improving relationships at home and work.

Additionally, Lifestyle Changes provides Couples Counseling services to assist couples to identify the barriers in their relationship and how to replace those barriers with supports for building a healthy and successful relationship.