MAx Fabry

MAx Fabry, BA, CADCII, is a graduate of the University of Oregon, and is certified by the State of Oregon as an advanced Addiction Counselor. She melds ten years of qualitative research with counseling skills, and an abundance of life experiences, to offer a unique selection of personal growth services. MAx has a private practice in Eugene, Oregon, where she offers individual counseling for people with substance abuse disorders and people experiencing life transitions, insuring total confidentiality for her clients. Her approach for treating substance abuse disorders is individual depending on what the core issues of the client are and the result of an ASAM assessment to help identify the appropriate level of placement. MAx’s approach is holistic, believing that the mind, body, and center need to align in order for healing to begin emphasing SAMHSA’s “Eight Dimension of Wellness”. Other methods used include cognitive behavioral modification to recognize and correct thinking and behavioral errors, and rational behavioral emotive therapy focused on managing day-to-day stress. MAx also believes that integrated services are needed to form a ‘team’ concept to support the client; therefore, she engages primary care physicians, pharmacists, psychiatrist, etc, to coordinate client planning and services. She recently spent almost three years developing, HEALTHY HEALING, an innovative integrative team approach intensive-intensive outpatient program for approaching substance abuse disorders treatment based on the “Eight Dimensions of Wellness”.

Her private practice client base includes executives and professionals such as doctors, attorney’s, judges, CEOs, actors, political figures, with addiction problems that cannot afford to have their identity breached. She also has an extensive long-distance practice including clients in Australia, England, Mexico, and six US States including Alaska. In addition, utilizing the knowledge she gained while working on a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) research project for the State of Oregon, and combining her knowledge and experience of substance abuse disorders; she offers hope for survivors of co-occurring disorders (TBI, ASD, FAS, etc) who also suffer from any form of substance abuse disorders.

MAx is also sought after for her work as a TRANSITION COACH helping people, in various stages of life’s transitions (retirement, recovery, divorce, empty nesters, career change, etc), to understand what they are experiencing, and, to help her clients gain tools to help them successfully move on with their lives. Her successful ‘Moving-On’ workshop usually has a waiting list when presented. This workshop has recently been translated to a ‘Migrations’ workshop aimed at adolescence preparing to transition from high school into ‘real life’.

Starting in November, 2008, MAx freely started sharing her expertise in a weekly column called “Ask MAx” published in the Springfield Times, Springfield, OR, and on her blog and “articles”.

MAx has been experimenting with on-line counseling for ten years and believes that this is the direction counseling is going.

MAx is a mother of a daughter with three sons. While her roots are in the Pennsylvania/New Jersey part of the United States; she has spent the majority of her life traveling around the United States and living wherever she found it comfortable finally settling in Oregon in the early 1980’s, finally making Lane County, Oregon, her home.

She recently ‘retired’ from volunteering with the American Red Cross after many decades of service. Assignments with the Red Cross included: induction of Viet Nam refugees through Camp Pendleton in the ’70’s, 9-11 World Trade Center as a Family Services volunteer, 2001, and Katrina Hurricane in 2006, personally training over 1000 Disaster Services volunteers. She was also very active with the March of Dimes in Pennsylvania and Oregon. She received the 1992 University of Oregon Dean Award for Distinguished Service for her work with HIV/AIDS education and counseling on the U of O campus; and was a 1992 Member of Alpha Kappa Delta, International Sociology Honor Society while attending University of Oregon. She is an International Distinguished Toastmaster and she continues to be an active member of International Toastmasters with Yawn Patrol in Eugene, OR.

Her private practice, online businesses, community service, and her family keep her life abundantly full. MAx believes that she is where she needs to be, doing what she is suppose to be doing, and reaps benefits from those she guides to changing their lifestyles to positive, healthy, and centered.



Certification for Alcohol and Drug Counseling, II, State of Oregon
Requires 20 Continuing Education Units per year.

University of Oregon, IS:IP Masters Program: Sociology, History, Counseling Psychology. Presently working on a book of her Masters Project: “Cultural Changes of a Sicilian-American Family from 1897-1997” to receive her MA.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, 1992, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon,

Associate Arts Degree, Lane Community College, 1990, Eugene, Oregon

Penn State University, New Kensington, Pennsylvania, Registered Nursing Program, Citizens General Hospital School of Nursing 1969-1971


-Created Online Wellness Association, 2004-2017, building a safe platform for wellness practitioners to offer online services
-Created Lifestyle Changes, a private practice for addiction therapy, mental health counseling, transition coaching, and spiritual guidance, 2003
-Serenity Lane Treatment Center, Eugene, Oregon, Continuing Care Counselor for three years.
-ACES/Emergence Counseling Center, Substance Abuse, Level II, Counselor/Intake Counselor for three years
-Eugene Energy, TV Pilot for Community TV using magazine format. Developed format, researched segments, logged tapes, archived materials, coordinated individual shoots, wrote funding grants
-Resist Punk Movement, Eugene, Oregon. Client: Private Writer. Research Support Services: observer, interviewer, ‘punk’ focus group, data coordination.
-Observer for Student Organizational Systems, Teaching Research, Eugene, Oregon
-TORUS, University of Puget Sound, coordinator, trainer, interviewer
-NSF/ISC, National Science Foundation: trainer, observer, videotographer, interviewer
-Effects of Student Selection of Tasks and Problem Behavior during Instruction for Student’s with Severe Disability, University of Oregon: videotographer, interviewer, coder, office coordinator
-Traumatic Brain Injury Project, OR Dept of Higher Education: ethnographic field participant/observer
-Assistive Technology Project, University of Oregon Special Education: observer/participant, ethnographic coder, information processor
-Oregon Social Learning Center, US Dept of Health and Education: structured interviewer
-Littletown Urbanization Longitudinal Study: researcher ethnographic field observer, data researcher, data organization and analysis

-On going “MOVING ON” workshop series on grief and loss, transitions, Plan B
-On going “MIGRATIONS” adolescent version of MOVING ON
-“Coach Marla Blog Radio”, 2009
-“Wonderful Women of the Web Radio”, 2009
-“To The Heart of The Matter Radio Show”, Corvallis, OR, 2009
-“Transforming Through The Barriers of Fear and Faith” Center for Spiritual Living, Roseburg, OR, 2009
-“Surviving A Challenging Economy: Fear vs Faith” Unity of Roseburg, Roseburg, OR, 2009
-“OWA”, Springfield Chamber Greeters, Springfield, OR, 2009
-“The Judith Conrad Show”, CTV29, Eugene, OR, 2008
-“Living In An Instant Society: An Opportunity to enACT Change”, Nonviolence as a Way of Life Conference”, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, 2008
-“Crises Intervention and Trauma: Self-Care and Motivation”, Northwest Christian University, Eugene, OR, 2007
-Organized and presented Speakers Event for Sociology Peer Advising, “Oregon Corrections: Then, Now, In the Future”

-Egan Warming Centers 2016
-Member Lane County Mental Health/Alcohol and Drug Planning Committee
-Member Lane County Consumer Survivor Committee 2014
-Springfield Chamber of Commerce/Greeters Committee
-Trained over 1000 volunteers for Red Cross during Katrina Hurricane, 2005
-Red Cross Family Services Volunteer during 9-11
-Received July, 2001, ACES Professional Excellence Award
-Developed a data base for Women’s Business Network, Eugene, Oregon
-Facilitated a forum for Democratic Process, University of Oregon, PPP Dept, for City of Eugene, Eugene Decisions
-Steering Committee Member First Night Eugene Celebration, Eugene, OR
-Founder, Research Support Services, an innovative data collection firm
-Received 1992 University of Oregon Dean’s Award for Community Service
-Co-founder of ASUO recognized organization for Returning Students Association, 1991, University of Oregon

-“Ask MAx” weekly column, Springfield Times, Springfield, OR
-“Students with Acquired Brain Injury: The School’s Response”; Ann Glang, George H.S. Singer, and Bonnie Todis; Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co, 1997; Chapter Two: Family-School-Child: A qualitative Study of the School Experiences of Students with ABI.”

-This and That of Addiction & Recovery
-Cultural Changes of a Sicilian-American Family from 1897-1997. Masters Project
-Changing Seasons. A children’s play for grades k-5
-Thorney and Wissey. A children’s book about change.

Contact MAx Fabry at:
Call or text: 541-510-2548