Since adding the ability to blog directly from the OWA site, OWA members are wondering ‘Why?’ BLOGGING serves many purposes for promoting yourself, your practice, and your website. Blogging is a way to bring people to your site. If I Google ‘addiction counselor’, 753,000 choices will come up; I can narrow that down to 44,100 by entering my city and state. People searching for a specific category do not take the time to browse through all the pages to find someone that will be a good fit. In order to be considered, your site needs to come up within the first 2-3 pages. There are several ways to get your site on the first page: one way is that you can pay for it, those are called Sponsored Links and are usually to the left of the page, or at the top with a color background. The search engines look for words and traffic to the site. The more traffic you have to your site, the higher you go up in ranking. The search engines look for specific words that are typed in by the person browsing. Consequently, all the key words you use in your site will be picked up. Blogging creates an opportunity to use those key words over and over, increasing your chances of being closer to the top. For instance, yesterday I blogged about the new benefits offered to Online Wellness Association members; I just Googled ‘online wellness benefit’; Online Wellness Association site came up as number 8 on the first page. Online Wellness Association’s blogs are posted on several other blog carnivals–sites that have topics in common–which increases the possibility of browsers coming to the OWA Blog Site. Members blogging on the OWA site use a SIGNATURE LINE that has a link directly to their own website. The signature line I use for my private practice is: Learn more about me and my private practice at The reader just needs to click the address to be taken to my website. Building a website is expensive, having a presence online with that website takes work–this is another reason why having a membership with Online Wellness Association is valuable marketing dollars for you. Let us help you get known on line as we continue to build Online Wellness Association.

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