Success Under Construction   We did not succeed with our Kickstarter project. While we are sad about this–we are all winners, so this project has humbled us a bit–we have now moved on to ‘Plan B’. The goals is still to have a book signing for “The Fourth Floor…..” The Plan includes a downsized version of the book, less to no “rewards” for pledging, and, less publicity for the signing. Here is what we are working on: Garden Way Retirement Community has offered to provide the space for Cynthia to sign books (it will be on the fourth floor : ) and help us publicize, we have found a publisher that can do a “speed” print process (the book will cost almost three times the traditional printing process, BUT, we can order one book, or more, and only pay for what we already have donations to cover), and we have been having backers turn their pledges to donations–Cynthia receives checks and, cash daily to put toward the signing.

As a coordinator of her “Team” I continue to operate in my awareness to get all the lessons I am suppose to have on this journey with Cynthia.I also continue to be in awe of this woman’s capacity to live each dayALS Banner KLou_Gehrigs through emotional strain, physical pain, and spiritual comfort.

We will post the date of the book signing in a few days. My wish, fulfilling Cynthia’s wish, is that, if you are in our area, you personally attend the book signing and meet this amazing woman in person.

Would anyone be interested in us setting up a Q&A web “signing’? Let me know by leaving a comment on this site, or, email me:

Again, thank you for all the contributions that continue to come in.  If you would like to contribute directly you can send your donation to Cynthia Fredrickson, Garden Way Retirement Community, 175 So GardenWay, Eugene, OR  97401.

Blessings from Cynthia’s “TEAM”

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