A Key to Stress Relief

In 1975 Dr. Herbert Benson wrote a national bestseller entitled The Relaxation Response.  What makes this such an important book is Dr.
Benson is a Harvard Medical School researcher who discovered that there was a response that would alleviate the deteriorating effects of the
fight or flight response.

The fight or flight response was originally designed to help us defend ourselves against emanate danger such as saber toothed tigers and other natural catastrophes.  When we are confronted with a potentially dangerous situation our bodies increase blood pressure, rate of breathing, blood flow to the muscles, and heart rate thus preparing us for fight or flight.

So far so good. The problem arises when circumstances bring on fight or flight responses chronically. Stress caused by the constant need to adjust to new situations, a malady of modern living, brings on the fight or flight response, but typically we neither fight or take flight. The result can lead to the diseases of heart attack and stroke. Dr. Benson suggests that such stress leads to many of our modern illnesses and that stress is the basis of 90% of our modern diseases.

The answer to this dilemma is the relaxation response. This natural response counteracts the effects brought on by the fight or flight response allowing our systems to return to a relaxed state. Unfortunately, Dr. Benson’s research show that, although many people have incorporated relaxa-tion into their daily routines many remain una-ware of the benefits of the relaxation response in reducing the effects of stress. In other words they tend to be in a chronic state of stress.
Fortunately, with a little training you can learn to take full advantage of the relaxation response. Simply taking the time to follow a few simple procedures will provide the results.

To get you started I talked with a lady who has ex-tensive training in relaxation techniques and she provided me with a guide to relaxing. You can get the guide by simply giving me a call or sending me an email asking for a copy.
In addition, I highly suggest that you take the time to get a copy of Dr. Benson’s book, the Relaxation Response. It could be the most important book you read for your overall wellbeing.
Want more help relaxing? There are also a generous number of alternative health care providers right here in Eugene who would be happy to help you develop a stress reduction routine.
Stress is a critical factor when thinking about heart disease and given our crazy, constantly changing world reducing stress should be a regular part of your daily routine.


New Moon conjoins Retrograde Mercury in Cancer

Yellow_moonWe are in the midst of a Mercury retrograde in the sign of Cancer, which rules our sensitive, emotional inner self. Last night’s New Moon conjoined retrograde Mercury, amping up the energy to slow down, go within, review and reflect on what we have been feeling lately. You can read more at http://maryjowevers.com/blog/

How are you feeling? This is a great time to take my astrology workshop offered July 20th, on the last day of this Mercury retrograde!

Discover Your Spiritual Soul Mission through Karmic Astrology

In this one day workshop learn about the Moon’s South and North Nodes in the astrological chart, their meaning and interpretation. Explore your own South Node soul pattern and North Node spiritual soul mission in life, based on your birth date. No knowledge of astrology is necessary to take the workshop. $100 fee may be made in installments.

Saturday July 20, 2013
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