Capricorn: Marking Cycles of Time and Maturation

Capricorn: Marking Cycles of Time and Maturation
“Whatever begins, also ends.”

                                                                                          – Seneca

Friday December 21st the Sun will leave the expansive and visionary fire sign of Sagittarius and enter the realistic and disciplined earth sign of Capricorn. Each succeeding sign of the zodiac builds upon the foundation laid by the previous sign by rectifying or redirecting its energy. Capricorn brings Sagittarius’ vision down to earth with its gravity, and uses material resources to achieve its goals.

Capricorn works within the constraints of time and the physical world to turn our visions into reality. The contracting and crystallizing forces of Capricorn help us define our dreams in concrete ways. We must delineate our objectives, set goals, develop plans and schedules, and do the work.
Capricorn is grounded in the material world. In order to manifest our visions we need to be prudent, pragmatic and realistic with our resources.  We overcome obstacles through diligence, endurance, and careful economy.
Like the sure footed mountain goat climbing upwards, Capricorn teaches us to use our stamina, drive and ambition carefully and methodically to be successful and reach our goals. In time we achieve our dreams.
The mighty oak, a tree of great strength and longevity, is another symbol of Capricorn. Its humble beginning is a small acorn. Like the acorn, the seeds we plant now will rest in the earth, grow roots, and finally sprout and emerge in the spring. If we tend them regularly with our ambition, dedication, diligence and perserverance, they will one day become our achievements.

Having practical wisdom gained from experience in the real world, Capricorn is a capable and competent business manager. He is focused and productive. He respects boundaries and knows limitations.Hierarchical, he delegates tasks to others in order to make wise use of time and resources.

As a business executive Capricorn is principled and has integrity. He is dependable and reputable, accountable for his actions and achievements. Through his enterprise, hard work, and economy Capricorn builds wealth and earns the respect of others.
The key phrase for Capricorn is “I Use.” Capricorn uses the resources of our material world to build foundations and infrastructures, and to create organizations that provide long-lasting security for society. He honors tradition and the past. Loyal and committed, he is dedicated to his family and his community, where he demonstrates social responsibility.
Being self-reliant, self-sufficient, and focused on working his way to the top, Capricorn often feels lonely. He can appear aloof, shy or awkward in social settings. He has difficulty with feelings and can be prone to depression, doubt and pessimism. Serious, responsible and reserved, Capricorn finds it difficult to relax, have fun and experience joy in life. 
Archetypes for Capricorn include the Wise Father, the biblical King Solomon, Father Time, elders, CEOs and executives, and all authority figures. Parts of the body ruled by Capricorn include the knees, the skeletal system, ligaments, teeth and skin. The gem for Capricorn is garnet. Lead and pewter are its metals. Oaks, pines and holly are Capricorn trees and plants. The color for Capricorn is brown. Calendars and clocks marking the passage of time are additional Capricorn symbols.
“The years teach much which the days never know.”

                                                                                          – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturn, Ruler of Capricorn


Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, the Lord of Karma, who keeps us on the path of spiritual evolution. Saturn keeps you on track, or holds you back when you deviate from your spiritual path, depending on your attitude. Discipline comes from the word disciple, who is someone who follows a master. When we exercise self-discipline, we follow the master that is our Higher Self, and we keep on our highest path.
Saturn teaches us we reap what we sow. It demands that we “come down to earth” and “get real.” We learn to take responsibility for what we have created in our life when we experience consequences for our decisions and actions.
In Greek and Roman mythology Saturn was known as the God of Time. Inastrology Saturn rules cycles of time, the timing of events, aging and the maturation process. It represents wisdom gained over time.

Saturn teaches us maturity through patience. Saturn asks us to give up the illusions of youth, to show restraint, and grow up. We gain strength through perseverance and determination. We are rewarded for our consistent, diligent efforts with respect. In time we gain a reputation as a wise, mature authority.

The planet Saturn takes approximately 2.5 years to move through a sign. It entered the sign of Scorpio on October 5th, and will remain in Scorpio until December 2014. During this time Saturn will be in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn, lending emotional depth and intensity to the ongoing deconstruction process of Pluto in the material world.

Witnessing the changes in our material and financial lives wrought by Pluto generates feelings of fear, loss, and vulnerability. Saturn’s transit in Scorpio is a time for us to learn how to become a master of our emotions. Instead of being swept away in fear of change, we can exercise self-control and ground ourselves in practical reality. We can find spiritual meaning and opportunities for spiritual growth in our changing world.Unearth your core values, be resourceful, and use your passion with responsibility and dedication to build new structures and organizations that provide material security in your community.

“. . . Saturn’s heat and pressure are needed in order that we can develop what Buddhists call the ‘diamond soul’.”

                                                                                             – Stephen Arroyo

Celestial Events 
Winter Solstice
We celebrate the ingress of the Sun into the sign of Capricorn as the Winter Solstice, the seasonal transition into winterA strong cardinal sign of negative polarity, the energy of Capricorn contracts, condenses, crystalizes, and moves inward into the earth. 
We, too, are called to go deeply inward. This is a time to assess our life, to take stock of where we need to be more responsible and realistic. We can set priorities, identify goals, and make commitments. We solidify and concretize our intent with New Year resolutions.
The End of the Mayan Calendar 
This year the Winter Solstice corresponds with the much discussed end of the Mayan Calendar. This event marks the end of one approximately 26,000 year cycle of time, and the passage into a new one.
Although we celebrate this event on the 21st, we may not experienceinstantaneous change in the world, or feel the transition strongly on that particular day. We have been preparing for this shift for several years, and after we turn the corner we will have more years, and some cycles of time, for continued preparation and practice. It may take some timebefore humanity can fully embrace and settle into a new way of being in the world. 

The Month Ahead


As the Sun moves into Capricorn this Winter Solstice it loosely conjoinsPluto, squares Uranus in Aries, is inconjunct Jupiter in Gemini, andsextiles Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. The Sun in Capricorn disposits toSaturn in Scorpio, which is in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn.

The Sun illuminating Pluto in Capricorn asks us to use our will and determination to take responsibility and claim our own power in order to create new structures, organizations, rules and regulations for the emerging new world. Uranus in Aries provides conflict from individuals asserting their right to be free from rules and regulations. How can we integrate these forces? This is an important turning point for us.
Retrograde Jupiter in Gemini opposes Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius. Take time to be introspective, examine your personal beliefs and philosophies so you can reach new levels of understanding. What is it you really believe and think? What attitude change is needed? Rather than freely sharing your points of view with others, seek new meaning. Review, revamp and uplift your own philosophy of life.
Neptune and Chiron in Pisces provides spiritual impetus for us to have compassion and empathy for ourselves and others. We can heal old wounds through forgiveness. Leaving the old pain and suffering behind, we are better able to move forward into the future we are building in a spirit of Oneness.

New Moon in Capricorn

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon conjoin overhead from our perspective on Earth. This represents the fusion of our outer consciousness and awareness, symbolized by the Sun, with our inner emotional and unconscious self, symbolized by the Moon. This is a fertile time for new beginnings, for sowing the seeds of your new projects and endeavors.
The next New Moon will be on Friday January 11th at 11:44 a.m. (PST). This New Moon will be at 22 degrees Capricorn conjunct Mercuryand trining the South Node in Taurus. This is a new opportunity to establish realistic and responsible structures for society while releasing old dependencies on personal wealth and security.
The area of your astrological chart where 22 degrees Capricorn falls represents the area of your life where you can take responsibility for creating new structures and organizationSet aside time to reflect on what new foundations you can create that are realistic, grounded, self-reliant and self-sufficient. Where do you need to take more responsibility in your life? How can you organize your goals this year to achieve personal maturity and self-recognition? How do you create a reputation of integrity and honor? 
You may wish to set some new goals or create some Capricorn affirmations on January 11th. Examples are: “I achieve my goals with emotional self-reliance.” “I take responsibility for my material security.” “I exercise my authority in wise, responsible, fair ways in my relationships with others.”
You will begin to see evidence of the seeds you sow on this New Moon as they come to fruition on the following Full Moon in Leo on January 26th. This Full Moon will reward you with a more heart-centered connection toothers.
“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent.”

                                                                                   – Carl Sandburg

I Represent Two Businesses, How Do I Introduce Them Both?


Which Card Should I Use?
Which Card Should I Use?

I made a tactical error a year and a half ago when I decided to promote my company using two divisions:  Communicate with CLASS, coaching executives and their managers to improve staff communication,  and Present with CLASS, coaching those same executives to give public presentations.

I thought this would be easy to do,  was I ever mistaken.

What plagued my mind when it came time to hand out cards was, “What is their need, public speaking or communication / conflict intervention?” Going through an explanation of both divisions made me sound divided and I knew it.

I am dead set against giving out two cards, because of the double message it sends.


Do You Have This Same Dilemma?
Do You Have This Same Dilemma?

 Every time someone hands me two cards I think, “Oh, boy, here we go again, this person does not know what they want to represent and are not making money in their first job – therefore they must not be very good at it.” Be honest with yourself, what do you think when someone hands you two different cards?

What brought me to my senses was my web developer. She said why are you doing all this double work? Why not combine the sites, and move your material to one place, these topics completely compliment each other and reflect what you do – communication training from 1 to 1,000.

If you were in the same room  you would have heard my audible sigh of relief.  Of course, I will combine the two and never look back.  I spent way too much money to learn that lesson.

Now that is how I handled this question for myself, HOW ABOUT YOU? 

1. You may have a massage therapy practice and sell melaleuca on the side, great, build one card that says something like:

Professional Massage Therapy

  • Soothing and cleansing sessions
  • Melaleuca products

2. What if you offer two things that do not compliment each other – like financial services and a healing modality?  I don’t promote handing out two cards but what if you combined these two:

Adolescent Counseling

  • Practical therapies
  • Financial accountability for youth

3. What if you have both a job for someone else and your own MLM business?  When you are at work representing your company, that is the only card you carry.  During your after hours, weekends and breaks with co-workers this may be acceptable, it is not acceptable with another company’s clients.

4. What if you have your own business and a secondary business?  Same answer as above, otherwise both businesses will suffer.

When the two businesses cannot be combined on one card and do not normally connect for people it makes them very uncomfortable about trusting you as the expert in either area.  Be sure you are VERY up front about what you do offer.

Pamela’s tip: Be very selective.  Promote your love, your bread and butter and be very good at it. After you have gained a trusted client, you can put out feelers to see if they are looking for or open to other opportunities.

Now by feelers, that does not mean you place a brochure in their hands and say go home and think about this, you will likely not hear from them again.  You can have brochures in your office or better yet market that company to a completely different group.

When you do choose to promote two different businesses, tell me how tired you are of working both businesses at the end of the day.

Pamela’s point: I have yet to see someone who has two businesses become successful in one or the other until they have completely devoted themselves to the success of one business and it no longer needs their undivided attention.

This verse runs through my mind every time I consider  a second business: “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways” James 1:8.

I would like to hear of your double business challenges and successful ways you have integrated your double businesses.

May you always Communicate with CLASS!


Dear MAx,

I am 16 years old. My problem is that my mother has made the decision to move in with her newest boyfriend. She has told me that he doesn’t want me to live with them and, besides that, even if he wanted me the place they will be living is too small for all of us. There are six of us kids altogether and I am the youngest. She drove all my brothers and sisters away each time she got a new boyfriend. I am the ONLY ONE that has stuck with her! Mom and I are always screaming at each other. She says this is the reason her boyfriend doesn’t like me. She has pawned me off to one of her friends that is too poor to even take care of her own family. I just want my mom to be my mom until I graduate from high school. Is it legal for her to dump me like this?


Dear Sky,

Please let me start by offering an apology from all the healthy parents reading this. I also want to acknowledge your courage and determination to stick with your mom; your sense of loyalty is a wonderful character trait that I hope you continue to take with you throughout your life.

“Screaming” at each other is definitely a sign of problem communication. When parents bring their teen into my office because “they are out of control and inappropriate”, the parents are usually not acknowledging the teenage transition process.  When their child first learned to speak around age one or two, the parents anxiously waited for the baby babble to turn into language they could understand. Then, held on to every word—even recording the first words in a “Baby Book”. When their child moved into adolescents the parents may have missed that their child needed a more sophisticated way of communicating to address the new adolescent life experiences. Around 10 years old the “new” teen is watching more closely how the parents are communicating, and, just as in infancy, they start replicating the parent’s communication style. If the parents have healthy communication, their teenager will; if the parents scream at each, the teenagers will be screamers. My guess is that you scream because mom screams. You can learn a healthier way to communicate.

Sadly, the answer to your question of the legality of mom dumping you is: In the US it is NOT illegal for a parent to dump, abandon, or throwaway their teenager! As I was searching for a way to offer you hope and guidance I found myself getting angry not only that your mother is “dumping” you, but, also, that our culture has a long history of  “throw-away” and “abandoned” teenagers. During bad economical times children are often left behind as their caregivers move to seek work.

I found the most recent statistics on throwaway/runaway children on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website:  An estimated 1.3 million children are throw-aways/runaways. This is almost one-half of all reported missing children, ages 12 years old up. Fifty-seven percent of these kids are males, 43% are females.

As far as I could determine from talking with agencies–Children Services, Women’s Crises Center, Police Department, Court Systems, Legal Services, CASA, and, the US Department of Health and Human, there are no resources available for throw-away/runaway teens UNLESS they commit a crime.  The Juvenile Justice system seems to be the only agency capable of providing legal aid, “security” housing/food/clothing, and counseling for any homeless teenager. Of course, these services come with lifelong repercussions.

Sky, while this is a very difficult hand you have been dealt in life, and the circumstances are causing you incredible pain, I would suggest remembering focus on changing the things you can—which never includes other people. Don’t be afraid to discuss your situation with responsible people that may be able to help you. Brainstorm with your school counselor, a minister, runaway shelter counselor, or other responsible adults in your life, to come up with a plan to help you be in a safe environment in order to complete your education.

Most of all, Sky, set a goal high enough for yourself to become the person that you will be proud to be in the future. And, always remember, “Obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes off our goal.” Yes, our parents can be obstacles—if we let them.

Be well.


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Confidence, Four Ways To Show It Immediately

Don’t you find it odd that oftentimes we are surprised by someone’s positive assessment of us? You would think by the time we reach adulthood confidence would be a done deal.  Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Confidence, our exterior self-esteem, is built over thousands and thousands of positive messages we send to our brains about ourselves and the messages we interpret from others.

I was secretly surprised the other day when, for the thousandth time someone told me I was really good at reading people and could get right to the root of a problem and that I could help them make the necessary shift to be free of their problem! Hello, that is what I do and I knew it, yet I realized that my self-esteem was caught off guard. I have learned to no longer show surprise and instead manifest exterior confidence immediately, even when my self-esteem is not at 100%.

Why is confidence such a big deal?

Take me to Pamela’s blog to find out and read the rest of the article and watch her short video clip taken in her new back yard in Roatan, Honduras, you will love it!