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“Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix.”
– Christina Baldwin

On Sunday the Sun will leave the social and refined air sign of Libra and enter the passionate and perceptive water sign of Scorpio. Each succeeding sign of the zodiac provides the means to rectify or redirect the energy of the previous sign. Scorpio ventures into the deeper levels of Libran relationships to transform and regenerate itself.

The negative polarity of Scorpio gives it an introspective, investigative energy that is secretive and penetrating. Scorpio has a passionate desire to probe the depths of life’s mysteries. It uses its determination, intensity and insight in resourceful ways to overcome its fears and face the darkness, including its “Shadow Side.” It strips away the extraneous, the unessential, and the false to reveal the “bare bones.” It uncovers deeper truths, and discovers its true nature or real essence. It uses its power to transfigure itself and be reborn.

The emotional nature of Scorpio is expressed in powerful ways. The key phrase for this fixed water sign is “I Desire.” Scorpio is magnetic and sexual. It is strong willed, persistent, and has difficulty letting go. It can be extreme, obsessive, a lover of chaos, pain and suffering. It is attracted to catharsis for its drama and intensity.

Ultimately Scorpio comes to understand that true power cannot be gained by exerting power and control over others. Exercising self-control, being insightful and inscrutable allows us to reclaim our own power and use it to transform and regenerate ourselves.

Scorpio is not afraid to deal with death. It is resurgent. Just as a snake sheds its skin, we too need to periodically shed parts of ourselves so we can spiritually transform. Scorpio asks us to venture into the deepest parts of our subconscious, face our shadows, and experience the “death” of our ego-identified self so we can evolve at the soul level.

Scorpio is represented by different colors and symbols according to the spiritual level of its expression. The black scorpion represents the lowest level of Scorpio. When threatened, it inflicts pain with the venom injecting barb at the end of its tail. The deep red phoenix rising from the ashes represents the regenerative power of Scorpio. The eagle soaring on high with its piercing depth of vision symbolizes Scorpio’s ability to see clearly into the heart of the matter while keeping an objective distance above emotional chaos. Having transcended death itself, the white dove symbolizes the highest and purest spiritual expression of Scorpio.

Areas of life ruled by Scorpio include other people’s values, shared possessions, joint assets and wealth, as well as power struggles over shared resources and sexuality. Death, mysteries, secrets and hidden things fall under Scorpio. Significant breakthroughs and other deeply transforming emotional experiences are in its domain.

Archetypes for Scorpio include private investigators, criminologists, researchers, surgeons, psychiatrists, pathologists, organized crime, terrorists, sex workers, occultists and vampires. Parts of the body ruled by Scorpio are the organs of reproduction and elimination. The gem for Scorpio is onyx. Its metal is plutonium. Thorn-bearing shrubs and chrysanthemums are Scorpion plants.

“Any transition serious enough to alter your definition of self will require not just small adjustments in your way of living and thinking but a full-on metamorphosis.”
– Martha Beck

The movement of the Sun into the sign of Scorpio marks the time of year when vegetation dies as winter approaches. In mythology Pluto, ruler of Scorpio and “Lord of the Underworld”, welcomes the return of his wife Persephone. She has been dwelling for six months above ground in the world of the living with her mother Ceres. Now she returns to Hades to preside over the dead with her husband.

The name Pluto means “riches”, and refers to the gems, minerals, oil and radio-active substances found under the surface of the earth. Pluto represents power: the potent, intense, passionate, and sometimes explosive energy that can be destructive as well as regenerative and life-giving.

The dwarf planet Pluto was discovered in 1930, the same year as the discovery of radiation which lead to the development of the atomic bomb. This marked a new development in human consciousness. We became aware of the destructive potential of a new source of powerful energy, deep inside of us as well as in the earth.

Pluto rules what is buried and hidden in our depths, in our subconscious. This wealth of material is fertile ground for us to probe and mine. It contains our deepest fears and phobias, obsessions and passions that need to be brought up into the light of consciousness. Once we summon our courage and descend into our subconscious to uncover its hidden mysteries and secrets, we can face them, transform them and become empowered.

With the help of Pluto and Persephone, we can wade through our turbulent, swampy underworld, probing the depths of our psyche. Coming face-to-face with our Shadow, we can discover its true nature and reclaim our power. We can then emerge from our underworld with new self-knowledge, transformed, revitalized and reborn.

“Evil understood is power gained.”
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Call out the invisible elephant and give it a name

Do you work with people who refuse to go to the very person they have concerns with? Are you one of those people? I call the concern no one is talking about the ‘invisible elephant,’ something everyone knows is there but refuses to tell the one who can do something about it.

The reason people don’t raise workplace concerns to the persons directly is that often those who are avoiding bringing up the concern don’t feel safe to have the conversation. Addressing unstated concerns is perhaps one of the more challenging ways to communicate with class.

I recommend you first address these three questions:

•Should I call the elephant out in the room?

If you are obviously uncomfortable and see that nothing is changing because you both continue to skirt around the issue, it is time to call it out.

•When do I call it out?

It’s true; timing is everything. The longer you hold on to “hoping things will change,” really only gives more fuel to the elephant and make it larger. Waiting may border on unprofessionalism.

•How do I call it out?

Always start from sincere curiosity and look for ways to resolve rather than blame:

•“I’d like to discuss the effects of our last marketing campaign, may we have a meeting to work through our concerns and plan for our next approach?”
•“I haven’t seen your company’s payment come through yet, how soon can I expect it?”
•“In looking through the ledger, I noticed that our largest account was not billed for the last three months, will you fill me in on the details?”
•“I’ve felt strained and uncomfortable at work over the past several months, may we talk about that?”
•“We have several committee assignments that haven’t been completed. May we discuss ways to get them accomplished?”

Don’t let defensive body language or accusations stop your curiosity, you must be sincere and curious throughout – keep the safety.

As a professional facilitator, I’ve learned that when I provide safety by sincerely and innocently asking about the invisible elephant it opens the door to discussing the ‘un-discussed.’ Often people stumble over themselves to talk about the once unspeakable. When things are out in the open, it is so much easier to work through. Because truly, no one likes living with ‘invisible elephants,’ they take up a lot of space and are never completely invisible.

Please feel free to ask how you can discuss your invisible elephants on our forum.
May you always communicate with CLASS!

This article was written by Pamela Cournoyer, Communicate with Class. You can learn more about Pamela at

And remember, Together We Are Better!!