Mary Jo Wevers, PhD, is a member in good standing with ONLINE WELLNESS ASSOCIATION. Mary Jo’s practice centers around Soul•Personality Integration & Healing. She is a Jungian Karmic Astrologer, Accredited JourneyTM Practitioner, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. Mary Jo gives permission to OWA to blog this part of her NEWSLETTER. You can read more at: phone (541) 740-8081. This is PART 2/2:

The Month Ahead

As the Sun moves into Gemini on Saturday it squares Neptune conjunct Chiron in Pisces. Allowing our conscious awareness to shine through when interacting and communicating with others can be difficult when fear and confusion cloud our thinking. Trust in the universe and incorporate empathy, compassion and forgiveness in your thought processes and communications.

The Sun in Gemini deposits to Mercury in Taurus, suggesting we take in information through all our physical senses and communicate in a deliberate, patient, and grounded manner. Mercury in Taurus is closely conjunct Mars and Venus, suggesting we can create physical connections with the earth in several ways to create more stability in our lives. Take action creatively, building slowly and thoroughly, and finishing what you start. Take time to value, love, appreciate and enjoy the creature comforts you have.

On June 4th the planet Jupiter moves into the sign of Taurus, giving us even more impetus to keep our feet on the ground and be practically creative in our lives. Jupiter spends approximately one year in a sign. The year ahead is a time to create a higher vision of life that is solid, secure and dependable. Use all your senses to connect with the earth and get in touch with what is good, true, and beautiful for you. This will help you clarify your values, and assist you in identifying what is truly important materially. It will help you integrate your material and spiritual values.

Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon conjoin overhead from our perspective on Earth. This represents the fusion of our outer consciousness and awareness, symbolized by the Sun, with our inner emotional and unconscious self, symbolized by the Moon. This is a fertile time for new beginnings, for sowing the seeds of your new projects and endeavors.

The next New Moon will be on Wednesday June 1 at 2:03 p.m. (PDT). This Solar Eclipse New Moon will be at 11 degrees Gemini trining retrograde Saturn in Libra. The new beginnings we create will support our efforts to create more balance in our lives and more fairness in our relationships.

The area of your astrological chart where 11 degrees Gemini falls represents the area of your life where you can benefit from cultivating new beginnings by being flexible, adaptable, and seeing other points of view. How can you be more responsive to your immediate environment? How can you communicate more effectively with others? Where do you need to create some change or movement in your life?

You may wish to set some new goals or create Gemini affirmations on June 1st. Examples are: “I express myself in open-minded ways as I share information with others.” “I embrace change through movement and adaptation.” “I use my communication skills to be a spiritual messenger.”

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius
You will begin to see evidence of the seeds you sow on this New Moon as they come to fruition on the following Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 15th. This Lunar Eclipse Full Moon will conjoin the transiting Moon’s North Node, impelling us to align with a greater Truth, communicate our vision of life to others, and become the Spiritual Messenger.

“Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant.”
– Anthony J. D’Angelo

Astrological Services

“When we know and are aware of the planetary movements and conditions, and integrate them into our lifestyles, we can then be in alignment with the energies that they bring to support us.”
– Karen Bishop in Staying in Alignment

An astrological consultation provides perspective and understanding of your personality and life. It provides insight into ways you can resolve problems and live more effectively. Sessions are available in person, by phone or Skype to address your specific needs.

• Birth chart interpretation

• Soul Mission packets describe your life task

• Solar Return charts for birthdays and the year ahead

• Transits & progressions to understand life phases and cycles

• Relationship astrology

• Event charts for personal and business ventures

• Dream analysis

• Astrology classes and workshops

Mary Jo Wevers, PhD
Soul•Personality Integration & Healing
Jungian Karmic Astrologer, Accredited JourneyTM Practitioner &
Licensed Spiritual Health Coach
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Mary Jo Wevers, PhD, is a member in good standing with ONLINE WELLNESS ASSOCIATION. Mary Jo’s practice centers around Soul•Personality Integration & Healing. She is a Jungian Karmic Astrologer, Accredited JourneyTM Practitioner, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. Mary Jo gives permission to OWA to blog this part of her NEWSLETTER. You can read more at: phone (541) 740-8081. This is PART 1/2:

“Nature is a mutable cloud which is always and never the same” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Saturday afternoon the Sun will leave the stable, placid earth sign of Taurus and enter the energetic and interactive air sign of Gemini. Each succeeding sign of the zodiac provides the means to rectify or redirect the energy of the previous sign. Gemini lifts the solid and steadfast energy of Taurus to engage the intellect and connect with others.

Gemini is bright, curious and intelligent. It has a child-like enthusiasm for exploring its immediate environment and learning new things. Quick in thought and action, inquisitive and clever, Gemini easily grasps new ideas. It loves facts and is an avid information gatherer. The key phrase for Gemini is “I Think.”

Gemini is adept at seeing all aspects of a situation. It easily turns things upside-down or inside-out to view them from all vantage points. Dualistic in nature, Gemini appreciates both sides of an argument and knows there are two sides to every coin. The symbol for Gemini is The Twins, which represents duality seeking other viewpoints. Versatile and adaptable, Gemini can be difficult to pin down. Like the weather and the wind, this mutable sign is ever changing.

Gemini appreciates being in the moment. It is spontaneous and dislikes routine. It searches for variety, and delights in the multi-facetedness of life. Multi-tasking Gemini can do many things at once, such as chatting on the phone while checking email and leafing through a magazine. Like its archetype the juggler, Gemini can keep many balls in the air at once.

Gemini mentally free-associates and can quickly change subjects when talking with others. Gemini effortlessly flits from topic to topic like a butterfly, briefly alighting on one idea and then the next. Quick-witted Gemini has a sense of humor and enjoys tricks and riddles. It excels in word-play, such as puns and limericks.

Gemini rules our side-by-side relationships with siblings, peers and neighbors. Social Gemini shares its information and ideas with others. While talkative, Gemini can also be a good listener. It is a communication chameleon, adapting itself to changing situations and people. Gemini engages its intellect to work quickly and come up with easy solutions and answers to problems.

Gemini rules our early childhood and grammar school education, when we learn the skills we need in order to adapt and move about in our small corner of the world. We acquire and refine our motor skills, learning how to tie shoes, play catch and team sports. We are taught language skills and how to read and write. We learn how to interact in socially acceptable ways with siblings, playmates, and other children at school. We master using the telephone and the computer to communicate with family and friends.
While Gemini appears changeable on the surface, it often lacks depth and persistence to make lasting changes. It has a short emotional memory and often fears the lesser known, deeper parts of itself. When it feels uncomfortable it changes the subject, or finds a back door to escape. Sometime appearing to lack good judgment, Gemini needs to learn to take responsibility for its feelings and actions.

Gemini’s restless intelligence becomes bored easily and it can lack follow-through. When it lives exclusively in the realm of the mind, it can neglect the body and practical, worldly matters. Because the breath helps unify the mind and body, deep breathing exercises can be very grounding, centering and restorative for cerebral Gemini.
Archetypes for Gemini are twins, Peter Pan, the Fool, Coyote the Trickster, jesters and mischievous imps and sprites. Writers and journalists, novelists and book sellers, elementary school teachers, news commentators, weather forecasters, telephone operators, taxi drivers, and messengers of all sorts embody the energy of Gemini.

The color for Gemini is lemon yellow, which stimulates mental processes and encourages movement. Visualize yellow as you move about in your environment, in your car or on your bicycle. Malleable and flowing quicksilver is the metal for Gemini. Citrine is its gem. Ferns and Lily of the Valley are Gemini plants. Butterflies, small birds and monkeys are Gemini animals. Parts of the body ruled by Gemini are the hands and arms, the lungs and respiratory system.

The sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury in our astrological chart describes our information filter to the world: how we take in information from our immediate environment, how we process it, and what we do with it. Perhaps you are familiar with other models that describe the ways in which we relate to the world, such as the Myers-Briggs types or the 4MAT learning styles. In astrology we turn to the planet Mercury in a person’s chart. Its sign and House location reveal a person’s primary mode and arena of interacting with their environment, and how they think, learn, and communicate. The relationship of Mercury to other planetary energies in the chart further refines its nature and expression.

Mercury expressed through each of the 12 signs of the zodiac represent 12 different languages, or 12 different intellectual approaches to life. The 12 signs are classified by element. The fire signs are action-oriented, willful, inspirational and spontaneous. Earth signs are concrete, practical, material and sensation oriented. Air signs are intellectual, communicative and relational. Water signs are emotional, sensitive and creative in nature.

As the planetary ruler of communication and movement in our life, Mercury asks how well do we use our communication filter in perceiving the world around us? Can we be open-minded, adaptive and tolerant in a changing world? Can we be flexible, receptive, and accommodating of others’ communication styles? How can we use our relationship skills to be a spiritual messenger?
Gemini Aromatherapy Blend

My aromatherapy synergy for this month is Gemini – a light and airy blend for improving communication and mental dexterity. Top notes of Lemon and Sweet Fennel cleanse and disperse emotional confusion. Refreshing middle notes of citrusy Litsea-May Chang and Peppermint enhance clarity of thought. Hay absolute bass note invokes images of warm, breezy days outdoors. Use to enhance learning while reading or studying.

Gemini Aromatherapy blend is available as a convenient room spray in three sizes:

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_________________________________________________________Mary Jo Wevers, PhD
Soul•Personality Integration & Healing
Jungian Karmic Astrologer, Accredited JourneyTM Practitioner &
Licensed Spiritual Health Coac
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Heirloom Memoirs: Dr. Ilene Cummings

“When I found a notebook with pages containing random writing of her thoughts in my mother’s own hand, I realized I had something special—a legacy of who my mother really was.” MAx Fabry, President, Online Wellness Association One of our newest members, Dr. Ilene Cummings, is offer an opportunity for you to learn the process for writing “Heirloom Memoirs”. Be sure to visit Dr. Ilene’s website to learn more:
Heirloom Memoirs will begin Wednesday in Eugene, OR. This writing course is, not at all, about perfect sentences. It is about having your voice and stating your response to your one, precious life. Heirloom Memoirs is legacy work of the first order, it is a gift both to yourself, and to your heirs.

A class will be starting this week and be either in the morning or evening, depending on the need. Please call me at 541-686-6146 and I will be happy to address any concerns/questions that you might have.

Heirlooms is taking your place in the sun. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “Most people die with their song still inside them.” The Heirloom class is your opportunity to sing your song, by letting your heirs know what tugged at your heart, called your forth, brought tears of joy and tears of pain. No one will ever have to ask, “Who was she, really?” They will know who you were because you will have told them, who you were. What more precious gift could you give?

Love and Grace, Ilene
Dr. Ilene M. Cummings
Human Development Consultant & Speaker
910 17th Ave. Eugene, Oregon 97402