Pisces and the Path to Spirit: Part 2:2

Mary Jo Wevers, PhD, is a member in good standing with ONLINE WELLNESS ASSOCIATION. Mary Jo’s practice centers around Soul•Personality Integration & Healing. She is a Jungian Karmic Astrologer, Accredited JourneyTM Practitioner, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. Mary Jo gives permission to OWA to blog this part of her NEWSLETTER. You can read more at: www.maryjowevers.com phone (541) 740-8081. This is PART 2/2.:
Pisces and the Path to Spirit: Part 2:2

Celestial Events

The Month Ahead

As the Sun moves into Pisces it conjoins Chiron and opposes the Full Moon in the last degree of Leo and the early degrees of Virgo. Our conscious awareness and will is focused upon the grief and suffering in the world. Our collective fears around being spiritually centered, flowing and adaptive, and transcendent of the material world are illuminated. We are challenged to face our own fears of pain and devastation, of being victimized. We may feel pulled in the opposite direction by emotional needs to express our individual self in creative ways, or to be practical and efficient as we focus on physical ways to improve and heal the material world.

The energies of the Sun and Chiron in Pisces are expressed through Neptune in Aquarius, conjunct Mars and Mercury. Neptune in Aquarius continues to provide a spiritually driven sense of urgency to recommit to freedom, equality, and tolerance for all people. Mars and Mercury give us the energy, drive and methods for taking action.

The Moon’s Nodes Change Sign

The Moon’s Nodes in the astrological chart are not planets or luminaries, but points in space that mark where the orbit of the Moon around the Earth intersects with the ecliptic. Like the planets, the Moon’s North and South Nodes travel through the signs of the zodiac. It takes nearly 19 years for the Moon’s Nodes to travel through the entire zodiac, or a little over 1.5 years in each sign.

The Moon’s South Node represents our spiritual starting point in this life. It is an amalgamation of many incarnations and tells us who we have been in the past. It contains patterns, behaviors, and attitudes that are very familiar and comfortable for us, that are easy for us to slip into. The North Node represents the energy we need to bring into our life for balance and growth, our spiritual destination.

Since August 2009 the Moon’s South Node has been transiting the sign of Cancer, while the North Node has been in the opposite sign of Capricorn. This has been a time for us to grow up, become more mature and wise. It has been an opportunity for us to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives. Have we learned to let go of nostalgically clinging to the past and move forward, to establish foundations and structures for our lives based on wisdom, prudence and integrity?

On February 14 the transiting South and North Nodes left these signs and entered Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively. This new 1.5 year cycle will provide us with opportunities to connect with our inner Truth and develop a new vision of life. It is a time to let go of being distracted, scattered, unfocused and cynical so we can set our sights on our goals for the future.

New Moon in Pisces

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon conjoin overhead from our perspective on Earth. This represents the fusion of our outer consciousness and awareness, symbolized by the Sun, with our inner emotional and unconscious self, symbolized by the Moon. This is a fertile time for new beginnings, for sowing the seeds of your new projects and endeavors.

The next New Moon will be on Friday March 4th at 12:46 p.m. (PST). This New Moon will be at 13 degrees Pisces. Chiron, Mars, Mercury and Uranus will also be in the sign of Pisces. This is an opportunity to create new beginnings that are spiritual, flowing, adaptable and forgiving. How do you connect to your inner spirituality and grace? How can you receive compassionate insight from a spiritual source and communicate it to others? What do you need to forgive? What old belief systems are keeping you enslaved and need changing?

The area of your astrological chart where 13 degrees Pisces falls represents the area of your life where you can become more spiritual, where you can create new ways to immerse yourself in Source, receive insight, and connect with all of humanity.

You may wish to set some new goals or create Pisces affirmations for yourself on March 4th. Examples are: “I have faith and surrender to the flow of life.” “I am one with all that is.” “I integrate my body, mind and spirit in wholeness with my earthly reality.”

You will begin to see evidence of the seeds you sow on this New Moon as they come to fruition on the following Full Moon in Virgo on March 19th. This Full Moon will reward you with practical ways you can improve yourself and be of greater service in the world.

“Forgiveness is the key to action and freedom.”?
– Hannah Arendt
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Pisces and the Path to Spirit: Part 1:2

Mary Jo Wevers, PhD, is a member in good standing with ONLINE WELLNESS ASSOCIATION. Mary Jo’s practice centers around Soul•Personality Integration & Healing. She is a Jungian Karmic Astrologer, Accredited JourneyTM Practitioner, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. Mary Jo gives permission to OWA to blog this part of her NEWSLETTER. You can read more at: www.maryjowevers.com phone (541) 740-8081. This is PART 1/2:
Pisces and the Path to Spirit: Part 1:2

“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”?
Stephen Covey

This Friday the Sun will leave the innovative, rational air sign of Aquarius and enter the empathetic and flowing water sign of Pisces. Each succeeding sign of the zodiac provides the means to rectify or redirect the energy of the previous sign. Pisces lends its spiritual values of compassion, sacrifice and charity to the reforms and advancements of Aquarius. Its generous nature is devoted to easing the grief and suffering of others. In the month ahead our consciousness will be directed toward a sensitivity and appreciation for the oneness of all of humanity.

A changeable and adapting mutable sign of negative polarity, receptive Pisces experiences the world through an emotional and idealistic filter. Creative and romantic, Pisces expresses itself through poetry, music and the arts. Its sensitive and intuitive nature is strongly effected by the emotions and energies of others. Impressionable and susceptible to outside influences, it can feel overwhelmed and retreat into itself or seek escape through addictive substances and behaviors.

Empathetic Pisces has much sympathy and forgiveness for humanity with all its imperfections. Pisces can feel inadequate dealing with the physical world and the day-to-day realities of life, and is often fearful or careless when doing so. Being humble, Pisces feels guilt and consequently a need to atone for past sins. In relationships Pisces can be timid and submissive. It can be unrealistic, illusional, naive and co-dependent.

The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions, symbolizing the struggle to reconcile the polarity of the material and spiritual worlds. Pisces asks us to balance and integrate our spiritual self with our physical existence in the material world.

Pisces rules the ocean, the source of all life on this water planet. Pisces teaches us that like so many drops of water in the ocean, we are all individuals and at the same time we are all one. Pisces challenges us to find a balance between defining the boundaries of our identity and physical experiences, and dissolving our self-hood and merging into oneness. Pisces asks us to be aware of our connectedness to humanity as we live our individual lives.

Pisces rules mystical experiences where the boundaries that define us and our material reality become nebulous and hazy. Spiritual practices fall in this realm, including meditation, prayer, and vision quests. In these practices we merge into Oneness and connect with Source. Pisces also rules sleep and our dream world, our subconscious and the collective unconscious, karma and spiritual debts. Dream analysis, past life regression, and hypnotherapy fall under its jurisdiction.

This final sign of the zodiac governs the final stage of life, when that which is corporal or material falls away, dies, and dissolves. The physical realm is transcended and we return as spirit to Source. Pisces teaches us to let go and have faith. The key phrase for Pisces is “I Believe.”

Colors for Pisces are lavender and aquamarine. Platinum is its metal. The gem for Pisces is amethyst. Water lilies and lavender are its flowers. Parts of the body ruled by Pisces are the feet and toes, lymph and white blood cells. Fish, whales and dolphins are Pisces animals. Archetypes for Pisces include artists, religious pilgrims and spiritual seekers, beggars and the poor, drug addicts and alcoholics, social and welfare workers. Sanctuaries, hospitals, convents and monasteries, prisons and penal colonies are Pisces places.

The Age of Pisces

History is divided into 12 astrological ages corresponding to the 12 signs of the zodiac. Each age lasts approximately 2,000 years. At the completion of one cycle of 12 ages, the cycle repeats. Each age has themes, symbols and expressions of its sign that affect humanity.

The Age of Pisces occurred from approximately 3 AD – 1998 AD. Positive experiences and lessons the Age of Pisces gave us include humility, having empathy, compassion, and extending forgiveness to others.

Problematic beliefs and patterns of behavior from the Age of Pisces include sacrificing to the extent of being a martyr, or feeling victimized in order to feel “spiritual.” Suffering from guilt and shame are counterproductive Pisces expressions. When we feel inadequate, fearful and try to escape reality by indulging in addictive behaviors we are indulging in detrimental Pisces behaviors.

Being illusionary, lacking healthy boundaries and being co-dependent on others are other examples. Deluding ourselves that in order to become spiritual we must place ourselves “above” a material world we believe is imperfect and tainted is also problematic Pisces.

Uranus in Pisces

The Age of Pisces is ending and a new beginning is upon us. The planet Uranus has been preparing us for the transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Uranus, the Great Awakener, represents the voice of the Universe coming to us as inspiration, intuition, disruptions and unexpected experiences.

During its transit in Pisces the past 8 years Uranus has been asking us collectively and individually to throw off the shackles of victim-hood and suffering, to release our naive, escapist and self-delusional beliefs about the world, and to become spiritual adults. It has been urging us towards spiritual freedom and a higher expression of our spirituality.

Uranus is finishing up its transit of Pisces this next month. We may experience further sudden, shocking and unpredictable events that are meant to show us what ancient Piscean values and beliefs we still need to claim and reconcile, or that no longer serve us. What problematic Pisces traits do we still need to resolve and transform? What positive lessons from the Age of Pisces can we take forward into the Age of Aquarius?

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.”? – Helen Keller

Astrological Services

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Karen Bishop in Staying in Alignment

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