Aquarius: Celestial Events

Mary Jo Wevers, PhD, is a member in good standing with ONLINE WELLNESS ASSOCIATION. Mary Jo’s practice centers around Soul•Personality Integration & Healing. She is a Jungian Karmic Astrologer, Accredited JourneyTM Practitioner, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. Mary Jo gives permission to OWA to blog this part of her NEWSLETTER. You can read more at: phone (541) 740-8081. This is PART 2/2.:
Aquarius: Celestial Events

The Month Ahead

As the Sun moved into Aquarius last night it conjoined Mars and Ceres, illuminating a desire to take action and nurture others in humanitarian and altruistic ways. How will we consciously promote equality and reform this coming month? Will we act rationally and with innovation to care for others?

The Sun, Mars and Ceres oppose the Moon in Leo. We may feel a need to put ourselves first, to be center stage, special and unique. Aquarius gives us the ability to create rational distance from our emotions and focus outside of ourselves, connect with like-minded people, and work towards the welfare of all.

Saturn Retrograde in Libra

The planet Saturn will begin its retrograde movement through Libra on January 25th. It will station direct on June 12th. Retrograde periods are a time to review, reflect and resolve. In the coming months Saturn in Libra asks us to reconsider how balanced, fair, and cooperative we are in our life and in our relationships.

Use this review period to assess where you may engage in extremism, or all-or-nothing thinking and beliefs. How can you balance seemingly opposing needs and desires? Are you taking responsibility for creating a balanced, beautiful life by taking care of your body, mind and spirit? Can you create more harmony in your relationships with others, while ensuring your needs are met?

Once we assess and evaluate our situation, we can make plans and begin creating the structure and organization that will provide more balance, harmony and beauty in our life. We can take responsibility for being mature and realistic in our relationships, as we use cooperation and diplomacy to achieve our personal goals.

New Moon in Aquarius

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon conjoin overhead from our perspective on Earth. This represents the fusion of our outer consciousness and awareness, symbolized by the Sun, with our inner emotional and unconscious self, symbolized by the Moon. This is a fertile time for new beginnings, for sowing the seeds of your new projects and endeavors.

The next New Moon will be on Wednesday February 2nd at 6:31 p.m. (PST). This New Moon will be at 13 degrees Aquarius conjunct Ceres and Mars and trine Saturn in Libra. This is an opportunity to take action to care for and nurture others in ways that are innovative, humanitarian and rational. It supports our efforts and work to create more harmony and balance in our lives.

The area of your astrological chart where 13 degrees Aquarius falls represents the area of your life where you can be more inventive, visionary, and open to change that creates more freedom in your life. What political, social and spiritual causes help you develop your uniqueness and individuality? How can you detach emotionally and be more objective, seeing yourself as an individual connected to all of humanity? In what ways can you network and work together with others for a common cause?

You may wish to set some new goals or create some Aquarian affirmations on February 2nd. Examples are: “I connect with others in my community in rational, open-minded, friendly ways.” “I network with others in a spirit of equality to advance our common goals.” “I manifest my hopes and dreams for the future with innovation and intuition.”

You will begin to see evidence of the seeds you sow on this New Moon as they come to fruition on the following Full Moon in Leo on February 18th. This Full Moon will reward you with heart-centered confidence to connect with others in creative, inspiring ways.

“Remember always that you have not only the right to be an individual; you have the obligation to be one.” Eleanor Roosevelt

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Being able to view the world and our personal lives from a more detached and rational perspective can be difficult when we feel trapped by our emotions. Aquarius helps us break free of old unconscious routines, or automatic ways of reacting.

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Aquarius: Leading the Way into the Future

Mary Jo Wevers, PhD, is a member in good standing with ONLINE WELLNESS ASSOCIATION. Mary Jo’s practice centers around Soul•Personality Integration & Healing. She is a Jungian Karmic Astrologer, Accredited JourneyTM Practitioner, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. Mary Jo gives permission to OWA to blog this part of her NEWSLETTER. You can read more at: phone (541) 740-8081. This is PART 1/2.:

Aquarius: Leading the Way into the Future

“True originality consists not in a new manner but in a new vision.”? Edith Wharton

Early this morning the Sun left the grounded, disciplined earth sign of Capricorn and entered the humanistic, innovative air sign of Aquarius. Each succeeding sign of the zodiac provides the means to rectify or redirect the energy of the previous sign. Aquarius turns it rational mind toward the future and seeks to reform and advance the achievements and constructs of Capricorn to advance and benefit humanity. In the month ahead our consciousness will be directed toward friendships, group relationships, altruism, social reform and humanitarian causes.

The symbol for Aquarius is a figure carrying an urn of water, from which flows rational thought, universal love, and equality for all humankind. Aquarius is individualistic, original, even different, and celebrates the uniqueness of individuals. It is tolerant and inclusive of “fringe elements”, minorities and the disenfranchised.

It does not accept a hierarchical separation of people, where individuals at the top have more rights and advantages than those below. Instead, Aquarius promotes a society built on a horizontal network of individuals, all being equal members and participants. Aquarius rules groups of like minded people coming together in this way to advance a common cause.

Although Aquarius loves humanity, it has difficulty in one-to-one relationships because of its emotional detachment. It can appear distant, disconnected, cerebral, awkward and unfeeling. Aquarius can often feel like an outsider, not fitting in and even feeling rejected by traditional, established society and conventions.

Intellectual Aquarius is open minded, philosophic and scientific. It bestows reason, clarity, insight and invention. A key phrase for Aquarius is “I know”, descriptive of its lightening fast intuitive insight. Aquarius quickly grasps abstract concepts, makes connections and recognizes patterns in thoughts and ideas.

Aquarius “thinks outside the box.” It breaks new ground in science and technology. Aquarius rules advances in computer technology, electronics, new sources of power, air travel and space exploration. Archetypes for Aquarius include the computer geek, the “mad scientist”, and the inventor.

Being a futuristic, idealistic, reform-minded visionary, Aquarius can also shock, shake up conventional standards, and act in socially unacceptable ways. Additional archetypes for Aquarius include the Anarchist, the Revolutionary or Rebel, and the Liberator.

The color for Aquarius is bold electric blue. Its gem is aquamarine. Its metal is uranium. Large birds, fruit trees and orchids are animals and plants symbolic of Aquarius. Parts of the body ruled by Aquarius are the ankles and lower legs, the circulatory system and blood pressure.

Uranus, Ruler of Aquarius

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, the Great Awakener. Uranus represents the urge toward freedom, independence, originality and individuation. It symbolizes intuition in the form of lightening fast insights, a connection to the Mind of God from which all creative invention comes.

Uranus rules sudden, unexpected changes of a radical and shocking nature that shake our foundations. It stops our world as if to say, “Things have to change!” Earthquakes, tornadoes and the atomic bomb are ruled by Uranus.

Last days of Uranus in Pisces

Uranus has been in the sign of Pisces since March 2003, urging us to reform our spiritual traditions and beliefs from the last 2000 year Age of Pisces. Positive lessons the Age of Pisces gave us include humility, having empathy and compassion, and extending forgiveness to others.

Problematic beliefs, values, and patterns of behavior from the Age of Pisces include feelings of inadequacy, passivity and fearfulness, and trying to escape reality by indulging in addictive behaviors. We can be illusionary, lack healthy boundaries and become co-dependent on others. We delude ourselves that in order to become spiritual we must place ourselves “above” a material world we believe is imperfect and tainted. We suffer in guilt and shame. We often sacrifice ourselves to the extent of being a martyr, or feel victimized by others.

During its transit in Pisces, Uranus has been asking us collectively and individually to throw off the shackles of victimhood and suffering, to release our naive, escapist and self-delusional beliefs about the world, and to become spiritual adults. Uranus has been helping us transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius by reforming our old Piscean ways.

We have just a few short weeks to finish our work before Uranus leaves Pisces. What ancient Piscean values and beliefs do you still need to claim, resolve, and transform in your life? What positive lessons have you learned from the Age of Pisces that you can carry forward into the Age of Aquarius?

Uranus in Aries: A Cosmic New Beginning

On March 13, 2011 the planet Uranus will begin its seven year journey through the sign of Aries. This is a cosmic new beginning, ushering us into the 2000 year Age of Aquarius.

In the sign of Aries, Uranus will encourage and inspire us to become more confident, self-aware, self-contained, and action oriented. It will urge us to embrace our independent, pioneering, assertive male energy and take risks in life. It will fill us with new energy, vitality and creativity as we explore the New Age we are entering.

“Know whatever comes unexpectedly to be a gift from God, and surely it will serve you.”?
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