This is your ONLINE WELLNESS ASSOCIATION Business Tip of the Week. Today’s tip is shared by OWA Member JED RAEY,

Let me begin this idea in mind. If you are in business at some level, and you use the internet to attract business, there is a very simple way to do such. I am sure you have heard that if you build it they will come, in relationship to writing articles and blogging. Well this is not exactly correct.

Yes you can write articles, get them submitted, you can blog on your favorite topic submit them as well, but let me say that this process is long in coming, arduous and time consuming.

There are ways to decrease the time commitment, in writing, submitting, and growing your readerships and your business in the long run. I will be addressing one very effective way today and promise you more another next time.

Today we are going to talk about social bookmarks. According to Wikipedia, “Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to share, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web resources.” Wikipedia offers more detailed information on social bookmark; I recommend that you take a look at their page to understand the advantages and disadvantage of social bookmarking:

Let’s say you have an article submitted on ezine articles dot com this site is the largest most sophisticated and prestigious article submission site on the web. I would HIGHLY recommend you start here. It is one thing to write an article, submit it to ezine articles dot com AND THEN WHAT? It is just going to sit there until someone finds you—NOT, or you can use the social book marking systems to chat with the world about your passionate subject. For example, you write an article on energy healing, you have submitted it, and now you log in to you bookmarking accounts. Here is a list of several such accounts:
Blue Dot
Google Bookmarks
My Web Yahoo

You could log in to each account or you could use a service called “Only Wire”:, where you submit once and let the service do the rest. While in these bookmarking sites most of them ask for similar information. Let’s use a Digg for example (I will do a video post on this subject in the coming days.) Start by signing in. Then submit new: then you are asked for the URL location, that is the location of the article, video or image. Then you write a quick brief and submit! WELA! That simple. The nice thing is that your article is now submitted and will be seen by millions of potential readers all over the word.

THIS IS ALSO CRITICLE: you need to spend a few hours each week commenting on other similar articles in the social bookmarking systems. If you are seen as someone who is not part of the conversation of others your voice will not grow as fast or effective. This is all about building a wellness community because, as ONLINE WELLNESS ASSOCIATION emphasis: TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER.

I will be putting on 1 hour classes on this subject and other similar blogging topics soon. For information and registration you can contact me at

Jed Reay Signing Off

Together We Are Better!

I am so proud of our new tagline, “Together we are better.” Wow, now, those four simple words say a lot about what we are doing here at “Online Wellness Association.”

We are putting together a global community of wellness practitioners so that we can use the power of the “Law of Attraction” and raise the consciousness of all humanity. Now, isn’t that something you want to be associated with?

Here is how it all works. You begin by being the absolute best person you can be and then share that with all you come in contact with. It all starts with you and continues on through your service to others. So start yourself by living in the love that you want to share with the world.

We each have our own special gifts and talents that we can use to heal ourselves and the world. Let’s use those gifts in a cooperative manner through the “Online Wellness Association.”

Use the one gift that we all possess and that is Love. Fill yourself with love and give that love out to everything that makes up your world. Don’t worry you can never give it all away because you are a never ending fountain of love. Besides, it is so much fun.

Together we are better.

Live in love,
Richard D. Blackstone