One of the benefits of being a member of ONLINE WELLNESS ASSOCIATION is being able to blog and post articles. The following is a reprint of one of the first articles published by a member of ONLINE WELLNESS ASSOCIATION. It is still pertinent today:

What Every Practitioner Needs to Know

A Report by OWA Member: Michael McKinley, C. Ht.

Nearly every day we hear the horror stories. Some are about predators who engage and victimize young people online. Others, show trusted counselors, who have betrayed their adult clients through fraud or exploitation. Currently, the Internet has flooded cyberspace with online practitioners preying on the unsuspecting and vulnerable person in crisis who does not know how to verify the credentials of “professionals” who advertise their services online. Who do you trust?

This is a natural consequence of our modern technological society. Therapists, counselors, and other wellness providers are now able to reach right into our living rooms by offering services online, often in communities where services are not currently available. Just as it is easy for qualified practitioners to offer services, it is easy for the unqualified, uncredentialed, or even criminal individual to attract people in an unregulated environment such as the Internet.

How can the average person know for certain whether or not an online professional has the education, experience, or credentials to provide services?

Who am I?

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