Who is Harvey W. Wiley, and why is he my hero? Dr. Harvey Wiley was a physician and noted chemist at the turn of the 20th Century. He was best know for his crusade to make our foods safer contributing to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906. He later became head of the Good Housekeeping Institute and established the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. He exhausted himself working on behalf of the consuming public to set high standard for public consumption food and, eventually, most products used in homes of consumers. Today, if it doesn’t have a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, we don’t use it. As I was developing the OWA SEAL of APPROVAL, I studied the growth of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and the marketing strategies that fueled that growth. Without the internet media format, it took Good Housekeeping almost six decades to provide a visual of safety for consumers. What I understood from this history is that when a paradigm is introduced that questions, changes, and establishes limits, there will be those that want to protect their own interests. Online Wellness Association was established in 2006 as a 21st Century business to protect internet consumers from predators and scammers. It took almost two years to perfect the OWA SEAL of APPROVAL and to really start launching the concept. OWA’s intention is as honorable as Dr. Wiley’s: protect the consumer. The goal of OWA is to provide an immediate visual of safety for people that want to access wellness practitioners online simply by the click the OWA SEAL of APPROVAL. Dr. Wiley was fortunate enough to have an established magazine backing his efforts; I don’t have a magazine, nor do I intend to start one. I do have the internet. What I need is to know what YOU need to know to get an OWA SEAL of APPROVAL on your site? Please take the time to browse through, and send either your feedback as to why you aren’t interested, or, send your membership application in ASAP. Are you ready to become a part of ‘early 21st Century history’?

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I recently spoke with someone, an MD, who I am interested in having as a member of Online Wellness Association. I thought that his practice would be perfect under our ‘Alternative Medicine’ category. Thanks to talking with him, I am now considering a new category called ‘Functional Medicine’. Have you heard the term? According to the Institute for Functional Medicine,, ‘Functional medicine is personalized medicine that deals with primary prevention and underlying cause instead of symptoms for serious chronic disease. It is a science-based field of health care that is grounded in the following principles:’ Biochemical individuality, patient-center, dynamic balance, web-like interconnections, health as a positive vitality, and, promotion of organ reserve. ‘Functional medicine is anchored by an examination of the core clinical imbalances that underlie various disease conditions.’ I see this type of medical approach as West meeting East in the 21st Century. Do you consider yourself a ‘functional medicine’ practitioner? What type of practitioner are you? I would be interested in views of why you would want to be in a category of ‘functional medicine’ vs. alternative medicine?

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‘With the advancement of internet technology our methods of remote communication have improved dramatically. Not only has the speed of internet communication accelerated, but the quality has truly become futuristic; the days of live video and audio feeds that could once only be imagined on the now outdated sets of science fiction television series and movies have finally arrived in our offices and living rooms around the world. With the installment of a simple microphone and camera into the common computer, people are now communicating face to face in real time from places in disparate regions of the globe. It is the power of this instant communication that has set the stage for new and revolutionary methods of therapeutic counseling soon to be commonly known as E-therapy.’ This paragraph has been taken directly from the Home page of Online Wellness Association. Learn more about ‘internet technology’ and ‘E-therapy’ at


Establishing credibility online involves a multi-step process. The most important factor in establishing ONLINE WELLNESS ASSOCIATION (OWA) is the safety of the public attempting to access wellness practitioners. In the ‘real world’ what we know as wellness practitioners is that having credentials doesn’t validate you and/or your practice. I personally know, in my field of addiction counseling, that there are substance abuse counselors that have the necessary credentials, but not the respect of their peers. In the ‘real world’ these folks don’t get referrals and agencies don’t hire them. Unfortunately, too often, they start a private practice online where their ethical slips go unnoticed and unchecked. One of the most important steps OWA does in processing applications is to check four recent professional references. The membership staff that checks these references are skilled in interviewing, questioning, and listening; if they suspect any discrepancy, they take the application to the next review level. As a community all wellness practitioners must share a consensus thinking that making the internet safe to offer wellness services for the public is a priority. Have you applied for membership on ONLINE WELLNESS ASSOCIATION? If not, I would like to hear from you why you are hesitating? Do you have questions about the application process? Is the cost a problem? What additional information do you need to consider becoming a member? ONLINE WELLNESS ASSOCIATION’s sole purpose is dedicated to building a safe internet platform for wellness practitioners. PLEASE let me hear from you why you haven’t joined OWA:


I was recently meeting with a long distance client online using a web cam and Skype. I was absolutely taken by how clear the person looked through my webcam. It was, almost like, I could walk into the next office and there he would be. Technology is wonderful. And, technology is going to help all of us extend our services to people who would not normally be able to access services: people in remote areas, countrymen/women in foreign lands, disabled people that are homebound, people with demanding schedules, etc. AND, let’s not forget about the price of gas. Even in my local area clients have request web cam sessions because of the price of commuting from where they live, or work, to my office and back. Think about it? We as wellness practitioners can help preserve the environment by considering technology sessions. If you don’t know about web cams or Skype, be sure to learn as much as you can about this technology. A good place to start is in the ‘technology’ section of Online Wellness Association. AND, as long as you are there, why not fill out an application to be a member:


One of the ‘categories’ we are starting to get membership applications for is ‘nutritionist’. This is a very important category because we, as a nation, are sleepwalkers when it comes to nutrition. Nutritionists have become part of the solution as a global information center to promote good nutritional habits. Visit OWA’s newest nutritionist, Sandi Thompson, at Sandi’s philosophy is ‘REAL food is the BEST food.’ Learn more about Sandi and her practice at OWA.

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While I was talking with my American client in Australia last week, I realized how fortunate we are to live in this century of technology. This person living in a strange culture is hurting so much and is grateful to be able to have an American counselor. I am grateful that OWA is now out of development and signing-up more members to display the OWA SEAL of approval. I see this SEAL as encouraging people with problems that wouldn’t ordinarily reach out, to start reaching knowing that the person they are contacting is SAFE. Do you have an OWA SEAL on your site? If not, check out the great benefits of belonging @


Many people that become members of ONLINE WELLNESS ASSOCIATION believe that having a great website is all that is needed for the world to start ‘clicking in’. WRONG!! Once the website is up, the work is just beginning. Kathleen Gage ‘Blogged’ about this on her Blog site today:

‘In the last few days I have had conversations with more than one person about their frustration with not selling their products (services) from their website. Their frustration stemmed from the fact they sent out one message, put a product (service) up on their site to sell, or made a blog posting and the flood gates of sales didn’t miraculously open up.
I’ve got news for anyone who things sales are going to happen with on contact with their market…IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.’

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I have had the good fortune to be involved in both the psychological and biological disciplines. I see these two avenues toward wellness as essential partners. In my early life I had the pleasure of meeting Carl Jun, one of the great pioneers of psychological wellbeing. I had also made friends with Robert Frost, the great American poet. These were gifts, and they got me thinking. I wrote an undergraduate thesis based upon Jungian types (e.g. introversion/extroversion) as reflected in responses to ambiguous musical events. This taught me powerfully that we are each both connected at deep levels of humanity, and also have personal treasures that belong to us as individuals only. From these powerful beginnings in my academic life I went into a field call ETHOLOGY. It was good luck that I received fellowships to study at Cambridge University in England, from both the Fulbright Foundation and the National Science Foundation. I had great fun, including the challenge of hand rearing of a male timber wolf, who remained my friend throughout his life. He was a gift to me. At that time ETHOLOGY was primarily concerned with the balance between genetic foundations of behavior and developmental experiences. These remain critical issues. Your life, as mine, is a reflection of our individual basic building blocks and the world(s) we have experienced. Following this fortunate early set of experiences, I had the desire to understand human brain operations, and thus pursued postdoctoral research at the Center of Brain Research at Rochester, New York. My wolf, Lupey, came with me. My career from that point forward has been seeking links between psychological and biological aspects of our lives. The point of this short blog is that we are fundamentally both psychological and biological individuals, with great potential. In our lives, we can lose site of this potential. It can be regained. As everyone on this site, I have had my own personal struggles and missteps. It is part of being human. If you feel you have not stumbled, you are not truly living. In the brain sciences there is new powerful information concerning how we can reconstruct our minds. Human brains ae remarkably plastic (changeable).

I formed the ETHOLIFE health coaching program as an effort to help others see how their minds and bodies are intimately linked. In addition to general coaching, I offer nutritional supplements for those who feel they might benefit from them. Our wellness is a total package. Others on this site have skills I do not have. These are important. My focus is to bring brain, mind, and body together. This is a critical perspective. One avenue I have thus pursued is to offer carefully researched nutritional products for those clients who might wish to gain the benefits from them. Nutrition is critical to all aspects of being who we can be, and deserve to be.

Let me close by wishing you, and me, and all human souls, well. We are each an integral part of the human community. It is often hard to understand what that really means. That is what I offer you as a journey into the happy and full lives we each deserve. It is the journey toward understanding and appreciation that is most important.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to talking with you and receiving feedback and comments on this blog entry. I sincerely appreciate what OWA is doing to bring all legitimate thoughts and disciplines together and providing a forum for discussions on this and any other meaningful topic in our field.

Johm Fentress
Etholife Health Coach

I appreciate John agreeing to be a guest ‘blogger’ for Lifestyle Changes. Dr. Fentress’ early research was in the field of “ethology”, a discipline that looks at the origins of behavior from their biological and social/cultural frameworks. His research and teaching covered a variety of species, ranging from small rodents to wolves to issues in child development. Learn more about John Fentress at Dr. Fentress is a proud pioneer member of


When I initially decided to put my practice online, I thought what I needed to do was invest in a super looking professional website that people would just come to. WRONG! Before starting this blog entry, I Googled ‘counseling’, ‘about 65,000,000’ entries came up; ‘online counseling’ produced ‘about 6,070,00, which made ‘addiction online counseling’ easier to compete with at 641,000! The work just begins once the website is up—the running begins with marketing the website both online and offline. One of the benefits of belonging to ONLINE WELLNESS ASSOCIATION is that it becomes a resource to help you build your presence online. Attending seminars, teleseminars, reading articles, and talking with other website owners is necessary to learning how to build presence for your website on the internet. Don’t forget, we are no longer competing on a local level—we are competing on a worldwide platform. One of my biggest resources has been Kathleen has become my internet guru; each time I take one of her teleseminars, courses, or read her books or newsletter, I learn more and more about what I don’t know about marketing my site. Be sure to add her to your prime resource list. How are you building presence? How are you getting those 65 MILLION people to come to YOUR site? I am always interested in exchanging ideas and resources.

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