When Online Wellness Association was conceived its main focus was on ‘therapists’. But as inquiries for membership started coming in there seemed to be a large number of ‘coaches’ applying for membership: personal, business, motivational, and inspirational. By now, thanks to Fraud, Gestalt, Skinner, Jung, and Psych 101, most people know what a ‘therapist’ is, and how to choose one. But, what is a coach? Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia,, defines coaching as ‘a method of directing, instructing and training a person or group of people with the aim to achieve some goal or develop specific skills…..The name allegedly recalls the multitasking skills associated with controlling the team of a horse-drawn stagecoach.’ Sometime in the late 1800’s American sports added ‘coaches’ as part of the management training team. Later in the 20th century traditionally called ‘consultants’ morphed into ‘coaches’ offering advice and guidance in various fields such as technical, fashion, and career. Today, people seek out coaching for any part of their life that they can’t seem to figure out, or move forward, on their own. The association that is the recognized association of professional coaches is The International Coach Federation, In my private practice, I started a successful program called ‘transition coaching’ initially to address the problems individuals in recovery who are faced with reintegration during early recovery. Read how this program developed at,Archives for: August 2007, 8/06/07. Now, over half of my clients are non-addiction clients in search of individual guidance for issues like: changing careers, to divorce or not divorce, empty nesters, or retirement. This brings us to our topic question: therapist vs. coach: which is for you? Online Wellness Association offers a free download article written by OWA member, Bryna Livingston that helps you understand the difference between therapist and coach, how to choose, and ‘does it matter’. To download go to, ‘Articles Directory’ (left side of screen), (free)register for access to all the articles, click on Bryna’s article. You can learn more about Bryna Livingston and what she offers as a coach at, ‘About Us’, Bryna Livingston. I am pleased I was able to coach you through using all these pages.