I recently read an article posted on entitled ‘A ‘Professional Stranger’ in Wellness Land’ by John Douglas Uzzell, PhD. After reading the article about the author’s thoughts on practicing as a psychotherapeutic clinical anthropologist, I felt extremely validated because I have been practicing as a sociological addiction counselor for years! This means that I approach addiction from several disciplines which address external, internal, and past factors that would contribute to the behaviors of an individual. While most substance abuse programs are built on a twelve step foundation, this was never meant to be a THERAPEUTIC METHOD for recovery so much as a SUPPORT for recovery. However, this foundation has set a solid ground for educating the public on what addiction is, how it affects the mind, body, and spirit, and how addiction has contributed to the social fabric of our culture. Alcoholic Anonymous, and other 12 step programs have given the addiction field time to catch up on educating professionals to start approaching addiction with broader and diverse approaches. Dr. Uzzell is an example of an approach based on a more anthropological viewpoint. I encourage you to read his FREE article available at I also encourage you to post comments to Dr. Uzzell, or start a discussion on the Online Wellness Association professional forum. Our profession will continue to grow in a positive, creative, movement forward with discussions on exchanging approaches and information we have about addiction. Look forward to discussing the growth of addiction counseling through your viewpoint at (log into the ‘Forum’ to start a discussion)