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The HEALTHY HEALING ADDICTION TREATMENT PROGRAM is a comprehensive, multidimensional alternative counseling/coach approach to healing from addiction on an individual basis. This is an outpatient program that requires the client and family to make a minimum of one-year commitment to the program.

The HEALTHY HEALING ADDICTION TREATMENT PROGRAM approach addresses three dimensions necessary for individual healing: PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, and SPIRITUAL.

A Healthy Healing Addiction Counselor develops an integrated Healthy Healing Addiction Team made up of family members, primary care physicians, psychiatrists, exercise trainer, nutritionist and other service providers all focused on meeting client goals for a healthy lifestyle. The Team guides the client from active chronic addiction/relapse to sobriety, into a maintenance recovery, to ongoing healing.

A Healthy Healing Spiritual Guide is invited on the Team based on the client's belief system. The Spiritual Guide helps the client connect, or reconnect, with their religious and/or spiritual path.

A Healthy Healing Life Coach is added as part of the team at about the six month point. Life Coaches are responsible for retraining the client on family relationships, basic life skills, vocational/career changes, educational goals, and social/fun activities. Healthy Healing Life Coaches guides the client and family into a healthy lifestyle aware of addictive behaviors and healthy alternatives.


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Our Mission

The purpose of Lifestyle Changes is to offer individual Confidential Counseling for people who have been affected by Substance Abuse, provide counseling services for: anger, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, problem solving, relationships, and offering Couples Counseling Services. Provide Transition Coaching for anyone rebuilding their lives, to introduce Alternative Healing methods, assist with Spiritual Guidance, and promote Integrative Services with other professionals, agencies, and community resources. In 2006 it was decided that it was time for Lifestyle Changes to move into the 21st Century by offering online counseling services.